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Score! [29 Sep 2005|12:49am]
[ mood | artistic ]

I just found out I just got my first art grant!! Josh and I are building a nine foot sound reactive light sculpture for Playa Del Fuego, which is a regional burn. Its taken endless hours of engineering, but things are ahead of schedule.


Other things are coming along as well.

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It's April 1st!!! [01 Apr 2005|05:09pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

me: So have you read my mind yet?
spacy: hahaha
spacy: that has to happen in person. i got what i needed until then :-)
me: Oh, I thought you could do that at a distance.
spacy: remember that crazy jamaican lady that had all those commercials a few years ago - call in tarot?!
me: Miss Cleo!
spacy: yah!
spacy: i am not her
spacy: hahah
me: Awww.....
me: Too bad. Her hats were cool.
spacy: i think that was her hair!
me: Who knew!?
spacy: testament to my skillz, naturally
me: So what did you get out of our last chat?
me: Honestly, I'm surprised you gave up so easily,
me: given the scope of my secret.
spacy: i could tell you were trying to bait me, and i wasnt gonna cave in :-)
spacy: <-- smart
me: Wasn't? That implies that you might.
me: I'm confused.
spacy: excellent
me: This confusion has weakened my resolve.
spacy: indeed
spacy: spill it
me: It's horrible. I feel like an injured seal thrashing about near the shore....
spacy: it will hurt less than if i have to extract from your brain. josh will confirm.
me: Is that why he drools now?
spacy: no, that was from before.
me: OK, good.
spacy: something to do with galaxy girls or something.
me: Ah.
spacy: so. what exactly is a good reason to not go to happy hour? ive been looking for one, myself.
me: Well,.....
me: I found out.....
me: I'm gonna be a dad!
spacy: yay!
me: I know!
spacy: are you on the same schedule as the other ones?!
me: Yep!
spacy: did you buy the expectant father book too?!
spacy: hahaha
me: Naw, Carmen's a pro.
me: I've been telling everyone today, but for some reason, people haven't been believing me.
spacy: why not?
me: Apparently it's April 1st or something
spacy: oh yah i forgot about that
spacy: are you LYING?!
me: Well, some people did, some didn't
me: I can neither confirm nor deny my statements.
spacy: for all i know what you mean is that youre getting a new computer.
spacy: hahaha
me: lol!!!
spacy: are we talking about a human being or not?!
spacy: or is it too early to say
spacy: hahaha
me: Well I should hope it's human!! Otherwise Carmen has some explaining to do!
me: Although it has already been nicknamed 'techo-fetus'
spacy: those recessive genes can be a killer
spacy: (figuratively of course i hope)
me: Well, if it's an alien baby, it's alien baby-daddy can fly his grey ass back here and take care of it.
spacy: better put the shout out now, i hear it takes some time to travel
me: Good call!! I did just that.
spacy: nice!
spacy: haha
spacy: well, congrats regardless :-)
me: Thank you!

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You were wrong..... [23 Jul 2004|05:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

I didn't have to pay for it.

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Freedom!!!! [30 Mar 2004|09:00pm]
[ mood | elated ]

March 29, 2004

Vincent Blake
Kaiser Permanente
393 E Walnut Ave
Pasadena, CA 91188

Dear Vincent,

It is with great sorrow to inform you that I hereby tender my resignation. My last date of employment with Kaiser will be Apr 9, 2004. My decision to leave Kaiser has been thoroughly thought out and reflects my career goals. I genuinely appreciate the opportunity Kaiser Permanente has provided me, and I hope that we can maintain a cordial, professional relationship in the future.


Glen Duncan


The look of shock was classic. I wish I had snapped a picture.

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[21 May 2003|07:53pm]
[ mood | Disgusted ]

This is the embodyment of why I hate organized religion. Brainwashing children is as sick as molesting them.

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NEVER [24 Jan 2003|01:54am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

touch anothers windows box after midnight, or you shall see the sun rise.

-Ancient Nerd Proverb

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Party this weekend.... [20 Dec 2002|02:19pm]
To those who have already replied to the evite, thanks! To the rest of you, read yer email!!! I need to get an idea of how many people are coming so we know how much goodies to buy. I've got a real good vibe about this party. Don't miss it!
See you tomorrow!
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Good morning! [18 Dec 2002|11:54am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I was late (again) to work this morning, but for once I had a good excuse. As I left the 118 for the 210, traffic came to a grinding halt. I considered getting off at the next exit and taking surface streets but toughed it out. Upon approaching the second exit, a cal-trans sign flashed 'road construction - ramp closed'. There were lots of police, police cars and a news crew milling about the closed offramp. As traffic emerged from the gawk-block, I took a quick look to see what all the bother was. It appeared as if someone had either dumped a body, or struck a pedestrian. The corpse was on the shoulder, feet sticking up over the curb. I'm guessing he was dumped. Fatal pedestrian impacts usually knock the victims shoes off.

I've been thinking about getting out of this town. Not because I saw a dead guy on the way to work, or because dead people have been popping up all over the place lately, but because seeing such a thing doesn't evoke a response in me anymore. The horrors of city life have dulled my senses and capacity to care. I just hope my indifference isn't the trap that keeps me locked locked into staying here.

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Burning Man pics. [10 Oct 2002|03:37pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Every year I go to Burning Man and take lots of pictures. Every year the lab messes them up. The same dump in Burbank processes pics for Sav-On, Target, Thrifty, and a few other big chains. Every year it's a different fuck up. This year they turned out grainy like they used the wrong chemicals. Next year I go digital.

Try to enjoy them for the content. The images are kind of large [ <200K ] so a fast connection is recommended. There are nearly 100 images. Enjoy.

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AOL Blows. [09 Oct 2002|11:29am]
I just tried creating a chat room on AIM so Andy and Tim could could order wireless antennas and leads. The room name "Wireless Hackers" was rejected for being 'objectional'. AIM took the the room name "AOL Blows" without any complaint.
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Quarterly Glen report: People are shit. [13 Sep 2002|01:08am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

For the last five days or so, some asshole has been parking his rusted, two-tone brown and tan Chevy Celebrity right outside my house every night with two smelly, barking mutts locked inside. When someone walks by, they bark. When I walk outside my front door, they bark. When they hear other dogs, they bark. When there are sirens (which is often), they bark. I got sick of it.

I made some calls. Turns out the cops don't really care about noise or animal cruelty, but the officer who answered the phone (who was terribly annoyed that he had to put down his donut to answer the phone) gave me a couple of numbers to animal control before abruptly hanging up.

The animal control guy was far more helpful. He talked with me at length about how he couldn't do anything unless the animals were in some kind of danger. I explored numerous scenarios  with him, all which resulted the same way. Complaints of this nature must be submitted in writing and are subject to review by the district supervisor before action can be taken. Finally, sensing that I wasn't going away until he did something, he took down the location, description, and license plate of the car and said someone would be out in the morning to check it out.

So I went out to the car again to take a look inside. You could smell it from ten feet away. As I approached the front, I discovered a note on the inside of the windshield. It had the names of the two dogs and a couple of phone numbers. I called and a woman answered. She stonewalled at every question I asked and finally handed the phone over to a guy. I asked him if he had a car with two dogs in it. "Are they making a racket?", "Yes" I answered. "I'll come and move them." I asked him how long it would be. "As long as it takes me to put on my pants." Now there's an image I didn't need to see. As if the stench of dog urine and incessant barking weren't sensory overload enough.

I never saw the guy come pick up his dogs, but he must have been wearing some big ass pants as it took him 45 minutes to put them on and retrieve the car. I knew he had come by, by the polite way he peeled out for half a block as he left my house.

This neighborhood is getting more colorful all the time.

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Not for the weak or potasium deprived. [24 May 2002|02:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]

DazedAndBemuzed: http://www.seizurerobots.com/
n8traine: oh my god
n8traine: i almost just died
DazedAndBemuzed: hahahahahaha!!!!
DazedAndBemuzed: I'm soooo glad I pee'd before I found this.
n8traine: i actually got a full blown headache in less than .348 seconds
n8traine: new record


DazedAndBemuzed: http://www.seizurerobots.com/
DazedAndBemuzed: You're soooo gonna love this!
SittingInMyCube: i feel sick
SittingInMyCube: i think i'm gonna hurl
SittingInMyCube: so i leave it up
SittingInMyCube: it's making me so anxious
SittingInMyCube: hold on
SittingInMyCube: wow
SittingInMyCube: i'm all tired now
SittingInMyCube: what a ride
DazedAndBemuzed: Glad it was as good for you as it was for me.

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Geek-O-Rama! [27 Jan 2002|12:03am]
It's good to be productive. This morning was spent cleaning the house, and the afternoon was spent messing it up again.

I flaked on the TRW swap meet partly because I'm broke, and partly because I needed the sleep. I woke at 8:00 or so. I had my first dream in a long while, although I can't recal what it was about. There are still some good cartoons on Saturday morning. The Ripping Friends rock!

Tim came over after the swap. He scored two color security cameras with pan & tilt for $90 each. They probably cost around $600-$700 when new. He also picked up USB to Ethernet thingies for $5.00 each. Found Linux drivers that work. May pick up like 10 at ACP tomorow and resell them. Any takers?

My neighbor Steve came through with catalog price sheets for 2.4 GHz antenna stuff. I'm one step closer to that wireless project. I hope it's as huge as I think it'll be.

Spent the next few hours dismanteling and documenting how the pan/tilt works. The camera output looks like live broadcast with enough light. Sweet! Andy came by around 4:00 or 5:00. More geeking. Grubbed. Everyone split around 10:00. ACP in a few hours.

Went and picked up second video monitor and computer monitor from HH. I'm wiring my living room to be live on the net. Kind of voyer-geek anti-porn. I could really clean up if I could figure out how to force the stream to every browser on the net. People would pay BIG money to not see me scratch my nuts.

Found a huge bag of old photos. I have alot of scanning to do. Be afraid. The may faces of 80's glen are coming.

Wizard needs sleep badly.
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Great big balls!!!! [24 Jan 2002|11:51pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Tim and I geeked after work today. We tore apart three of the satellite positioners I got from All Electronics. They all in various states of disrepair. Simple design. Really easy to service. I'm confident they can all be made to work. The fun part will be figuring out how to talk to them. Fascinating, isn't it?

Pictures coming soon.

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Cereal killah.... [20 Jan 2002|11:23am]
Mmmmmmm. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Today is a good day to geek. Derek is coming over. Andy is coming over later. I've got Greg on the cell. We're exchanging various Linux tidbits. I'm gonna work on the satellite positioner when Andy gets here. Gotta run to the bus to pick up some d-sub connectors.
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"Randy dames and sundays always gets me down...." - Derek's IM away message [20 Jan 2002|09:00am]
[ mood | weird ]

Cheesy pun. I like it.

This is weird. I'm listening to Channel X on DSS and they're playing Orgy - Fiction. Even though I've known Nat for nearly 6 mo, this is the first time I've heard them. I wanna hear more!

Why does the cat like licking the top of my head?

Last night was fun. I haven't been to a party where everyone lost their inhibitions and had good clean insanity in quite a while. Thanks Adam.

Until last night, I'd been sober since New Years. I think I prefer sobriety. Having a clear head the day after beats clearing the cobwebs from your mind when all you really want to do is think and learn.

I must be getting old.

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More pain [13 Jan 2002|01:15am]
[ mood | sad ]

Well, it's official. I received papers from her attorney Sat morning. I avoided opening the envelope all day. It didn't help!

Spent the morning cleaning and doing laundry. The rest of the day was spent geeking with Tim. I got a copy of 'Takedown' on DVD. Finally got Ironcad, not sure if it works yet. Also got DSS!!! Yay! Now at least I have more options for my idiot box.

Richard came by and looked at the room. He's down. I have to convince myself that this will be a good thing. I've been reluctant to take this step for fear that it could still work out. Always the optimist. (optimist = foolish dumbass)

So after Tim left at midnight. I opened it. Nothing shocking. Exactly what I expected. Still just as hurtful. Now I've got paperwork to do. I hate papework. Six months and counting.

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Argh!!!! [11 Jan 2002|12:22pm]
I have the urge to write, and nothing I want to put into words. I want to jump out of my skin. I hate lies and the people who tell them.
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Bored. [06 Jan 2002|10:14am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Man I hate this rebuilding your life shit. All the friends I used to have. All the things I used to do with zeal. All must be excavated like ancient ruins to be deciphered and translated. Rediscovering who I once was now that who I am has lost its context.

There are a million things I have been day dreaming about doing for the last several years. I need motivation to do something. I want to start working on my website again, but I'd crawl out of my skin just sitting in front of a monitor for hours. I need to get my life in order before I play. Not very appealing work.

I think I'll waste the day in Malibu again. At least the view was good.

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What a difference a day makes... [05 Jan 2002|05:17am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Work was boring. Business as usual. I was supposed to cook dinner for Derek and Nat when I got off work, but they were hungry at 4:20 and went to Del Taco. Whatever.

Dad and Rhea to the rescue! Killer Thai food right in my own neighborhood. Who knew? Drek and Nat hung after I got home. Went to bunts at 1:00am-ish and jacuzied with him and doug. Boy did I need that!!!
Didn't think of Sam the whole time. Came home after 4:00 sometime.You know you had a good evening when you get home just in time for Saturday morning cartoons.

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